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$15.00 Local FFL Transfers

We are happy to process your firearm(s) transfer for $15.00

When purchasing a firearm from out of state or out of area whether in an online auction setting, an online website or if you happen to have attended a gun show out of state; Federal law requires that the firearm(s) be transferred to you by an FFL.

Contact us and we will make the arrangements to properly receive and transfer your firearm(s) to you. We will send all required documents and licenses to the seller on your behalf as your receiving FFL. 

Please be ready to provide us with a purchase confirmation number that we can reference as well as the sellers contact information so that we can get in touch with them.

Once the seller has received the proper documents and licenses from us, the seller will then arrange to ship the firearm(s) using the method that you previously selected from the seller. Most shipping companies whether USPS, UPS, or FEDEX will require priority, next day or 2 day shipping. An adult signature will also be required to receive the package which offers you as the client reassurance that your item will never fall into the wrong hands. Once we receive the item we will contact you to schedule an appointment time for you to come in and fill out the proper paperwork. Most appointment times are available same day or next day. Once the 4473 form and background check are completed (unless valid AZ CCW holder) you will be on your way typically within 15 minutes to enjoy the newest addition to your collection.


you can simply fill out the form under the "CONTACT US" tab on the website 


By using one of the methods listed below.

We look forward to processing your next firearm(s) transfer!