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Arizona Sales Information

All product sales from to residents within the state of Arizona will be required to pay State of Arizona sales tax. 

The proper sales tax rate will be automatically calculated based on the address that is entered when creating an account or completing the check out process. 

Local (Arizona resident) firearm purchases placed through the website will have NO transfer fee associated with the sale, as a local pickup/FFL Transfer is FREE with the purchase of a firearm.

 Now & Then Firearms LLC is a Full Service Type 07 FFL 

A valid ARIZONA Drivers License/State issued ID card or AZ CCW Permit will be required for all (LOCAL) firearms purchases. 

Address listed on Drivers License/State issued ID card must be current residential address. 

All firearm(s) sales will require ATF form 4473. 

This means that you MUST have the legal ability to purchase and possess a firearm. This ability will be confirmed with an FBI NICS background check on all firearm(s) sales. 

By Authority of the ATF Minimum legal age for long gun purchase is 18 years of age. 

Minimum legal age for handgun purchase is 21 years of age. 

Now & Then Firearms reserves the right to refuse business to any person at any time for any reason. An active sales transaction can be cancelled at any time during the transaction process at the discretion of Now & Then Firearms. 

All Used firearms purchasers will be required to sign a receipt of a locking safety device as well as a youth hand gun safety act pamphlet. 

Out of state or out of area customers will be required to provide Now & Then Firearms with the contact information for their local FFL dealer. No firearm(s) will be shipped directly to any non-licensee for any reason. 

Local customers will have the option to elect for local pickup. Local Pickup will be completed within (7) days of purchase or transaction will be cancelled (unless additional arrangements are made prior to purchase). Customers money will be refunded minus a 20% restocking fee.